Hi! I’m Kelsey, and I started to get On My Way To Happiness this year! If you’re a millennial looking for ~more~ (whatever that is) then you’re in the right place. I want to show you tried and true how another average millennial finds happiness and meaning through living a simpler life and figuring out this adulting thing.


If you’re a millennial, chances are you relate heavily to these:


I did nothing all day meme. On My Way To Happiness funny thoughts of a dog I did nothing all day meme start here page

Yes, I laughed too. But is this really how you want to live though?? Wishing away every day for the weekend? Hating waking up every morning instead of immediately feeling grateful and blessed to be alive for the gift of the day??

If you’re like me, then Heck No that’s not what you want out of life! I want to love every day! I knew, on paper, I basically won the life lottery. If you are reading this, you probably did too. You probably have basically unlimited access to the internet and also enough spare time to scroll through a couple blogs. So why wasn’t I waking up screaming with joy and gratitude at all the blessings in my life?

I had to figure something out. I told myself, girl, you’re 22! Get a grip! You’ve got your ENTIRE adult life in front of you! It’s already pretty freaking awesome! You have two healthy, smart, encouraging parents! You have a strong, healthy body! You have a job that pays you an amount you can easily live off of! You live in a warm, cozy house with a loving, supportive, and super hot boyfriend! Cheers and scream and yodel and jump at how amazing your life is! You’re set up to only make your life AWESOME-ER!

The problem was, I was lost.

A lot of millennials are simply lost.  Not necessarily depressed but not quite ecstatic about life either. Not sure if they’re on the right or wrong path. They checked off all the boxes that they were taught to live a great life, but still feel like there’s something else they’re missing. They don’t know how to better themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. They don’t know the ideas and resources and steps out there. It’s like you know you should be happy, but there’s just something missing.

I made the effort to TAKE CONTROL of my life.

I refused to let life lead me, I wanted to lead it. Let me show how you can lead your life, too.

I’m Kelsey. I am by no means perfect. Stuff you should know about me:


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  • I’m 24
  • I’m a very average millennial
  • I went to a state college (University of Delaware) and got a degree in chemical engineering
  • I got good, but not great, grades
  • Senior year I ate exclusively pizza, bagels and vodka
  • I graduated with $28,000 of student loans
  • I have a normal, entry level job
  • I moved to a different state for my job, not knowing anyone or anything

SO many millennials are in the same boat, but don’t know there’s a way out.

But I have spent time bettering myself every day. I have studied personal finance, behavioral economics, habit forming, happiness philosophy and first principles. I have big and small ideas of the world that have helped me get on my way to happiness and grab control of my life.

How I Got On My Way To Happiness

I got out of $30,000 debt. I’ve halved my spending every month. I started 3 side hustles and made thousands of dollars.  I hacked my health habits and lost 10 lbs without trying. I went from dreading every day to only dreading Mondays….haha, joking! I have re-wired my brain to appreciate more, give more thanks, and figure out what I truly value. I still have a long way to go, but I am much further on my way to happiness than I used to be!

The key is to take control of your life.

You need to make your money work for you. You need to make your habits work for you. No more letting life just do what it wants with you.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I still kinda am. I want to share my journey on my way to happiness, and jumpstart your journey as well.


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“Life’s what you make it so let’s make it rock”

– Hannah Montana